This website consists of work created by students during the Spring semester 2021 in an interdisciplinary design studio, DSNS 546 Preservation and Cultural Heritage Japan – International Perspectives and Design Issues, led by professors Diane Al Shihabi, Ph.D. (Interior Design) and Mikesch Muecke, Ph.D. (Architecture) at Iowa State University.

This is the fifth year of Iowa State University’s collaboration with the US Department of State. In previous years the professors traveled with students to research US Ambassador’s residences in London (Winfield House, 2017), Prague (Villa Petschek, 2018), Tangier (American Legation, 2019), and Lisbon (Casa Carlucci, 2020). Due to Covid-19, students and faculty could not travel physically to Japan, and were aided in their virtual research by support staff on the ground in Tokyo at the US Ambassador’s residence.

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