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Historical Background and Context


The Ambassador’s Residence in Tokyo, Japan is located in Tokyo’s Akasaka district which consists mostly of commercial and residential buildings. This district is not only home to the Ambassador’s Residence and US Embassy, but also several other countries’ embassies. The Ambassador’s Residence was one of the first buildings the US created overseas with the intent of ambassadors living in that specific space. Previously ambassadors were expected to house themselves. The building complex, interior spaces, and surrounding gardens serve as a significant symbol of the diplomatic ties between Japan and the United States that have existed for more than 150 years.

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2.1 Acquisition

2.2 History of the Surrounding District

2.3 Cultural Context of Tokyo

2.4 Changes in Tokyo as a City (Urban Analysis)

2.5 Cultural Context in the United States

2.6 Impact of Earthquake on Site

2.7 History of the Architects and Landscape Architects

2.8 History of Japanese Architectural Forms and a brief history of Moorish Architecture