Pool House and Canopy

Independent Design Projects by Students for a new Pool House and Canopy

Proposal 1 by Braden Cooper and Madalyn McCartan

Proposal 2 by James Arnold and Madara Wickremansinghe

Proposal 3 by Sophie Genz and Rob Agnes

Proposal 4 by Brooklyn Hart and Tobi Fagbule

Proposal 5 by Silvia Alam and Jay Borgman

Proposal 6 by Tyler Trella and Melanie Gray-Trier

Proposal 7 by Sonnie Cornelius and Hannah Hogan

Proposal 8 by Morgan Longhenry and Taylor Shaw

Proposal 9 by Nathan Bounsiri and Austin Cox

Proposal 10 by Lilah Mares and Ruchi Patel

Proposal 11 by Samantha Stumpner and Ian Meisch